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Chinmay Kerkar

I am an Immersive Media and Experience Designer based in Los Angeles.  

I am a Product Designer with more than five years of industry experience in UX Design, Visual Design, User and Market Research, Data Visualization, High fidelity wire-framing, overseeing technical implementation of the final design and user testing for various multinational companies. I studied Trans-media Design and Cinematography from Los Angeles Film School as my second bachelor's degree. While being in the heart of the industry, I aspire to grow and expand my creative skills to become a successful Immersive Media Designer. Being a Certified Usability Analyst, I specialize in using scientific and pragmatic methods to understand people’s needs to design product experiences. I want to use my knowledge of immersive technologies and media design skills to create digital/physical experiences that are artistic, invoke emotions and are financially successful.


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